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Next Level Audio

​Sports Glasses

40g Ultra Light Weight / 5.3 Smooth Bluetooth Connection / 8+ Hours Battery Life*

RAX stands for advanced wearable technology that provides durable quality and wide of using experience, Riding, Fishing, Hiking, etc.

Designed for Multiple Scenario

— Daniel Young, DJ & Producer

"Finally, a machine built for the now and the future. It sounds and looks amazing - truly unmatchable."

Most advanced TR90 material and mini size battery helped RAX to reach the limit of a smart glasses, which is able to to merging OWS system into a flexible temple.

Safe, Smooth and Smart.

Compact Engineering 


The Next Generation of

Audio Sports Glasses

For Ultimate Open Ear Sound Experience

The first ever "raxlution" pre launch will be released on Spring 2024,

Join the group and find your perfect pair.

Coming Soon:
RAX Newborn Launching

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Super compact design provide all day wearing

Change your favorite lens in just one click

TWS (True Wireless Sounds) allows audio play during actives 

We will send a pair of regular temple for even lighter weight and daily waring.

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